Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson

Chester Thompson is one of the most accomplished drummers of the last forty years. Master of a wide range of styles–from jazz to pop to gospel–, he has worked with some of the most important musicians of the twentieth century. Since he began his professional career in the late sixties, Chester kicked off an artistic path that would lead him, among other things, to redefine the concept of the double drumkit within a band, bring jazz fusion to the masses, and play before hundreds of thousands of fans in one of the biggest stadium bands in history. Chester Thompson has all it takes to be acclaimed as a Music Master.

Since age thirteen he played in numerous gigs and jam sessions, and soon he established himself as a must-call session musician. With this promising background, Chester joined Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention in late 1973. Chester soon became one of the most respected and sought after drummers in the business. In early 1975, he joined Weather Report, one of the most acclaimed jazz-rock bands ever formed.

Two years later he received a call from Genesis' Phil Collins, who offered him the throne for the upcoming tour. During the next thirty years, Chester would remain as the live drummer and session percussionist for both Genesis and Phil Collins–an experience that took him to play all over the world in sold-out stadium tours before vast audiences.

Over the years, Chester Thompson has established himself as a true master of his art. His drumming has been featured in performances and records by artists such as Neil Diamond, Donna Summer, Steve Hackett, Hermeto Pascoal and Ron Kenoly. Through time, experience and talent, Chester has forged a distinctive drumming voice, rich in subtleties, technically impeccable, and built upon a deep sense of time and pattern.

Read what Chester has to say about technique acquisition, jamming and improvising, becoming a pro musician and much, much more. Read his exclusive interview.

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