David Ellefson

David Ellefson

David Ellefson is among the most successful and renowned rock musicians of the last three decades. A founding member of the early 1980's musical revolution, a celebrated composer and seasoned live entertainer, his unique sound has changed forever the way the bass guitar is played in metal and hard rock. Having played before millions of fans for more than 25 years, David has become a Music Master in his own right.

Teaming with guitar player Dave Mustaine in 1983, he formed Megadeth, one of the most successful, influential and acclaimed heavy metal acts in history. Since its inception, Megadeth developed a unique sound–fast and aggressive as nothing heard before. The band became one of the founders of the thrash/speed metal revolution, a genre which pushed the envelope of hard rock far and away.

David left Megadeth in 2002 to form F5, a heavy metal band which has released two albums. He is also an established member of the heavy metal bands Temple of Brutality and Avian, both with whom he has been recording and touring. During the last decade, David has also been featured in records of diverse genres as a session musician–ranging from gospel to pop.

David's playing features a grindy, sharp sound which can be instantly recognized as his signature. Within this sound lurks a subtle complexity which provides both energy and color to the overall sound of the band. It's in this combination of power and subtlety where the uniqueness of David's musicality lies.

Read what David has to say about technique acquisition, jamming and improvising, becoming a pro musician and much, much more. Read his exclusive interview.

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