Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang is one of the most successful session drummers in the world. Owner of a stunning technique, his drumming has been sought after by many acclaimed artists of various genres, both in the studio and on stage. Since the early nineties, Thomas has consistently conjured his technical prowess at every session while seeking, in his own words, to play the unplayed. His talent and dedication have comfortably earned him the status of Music Master.

His hardworking philosophy, impressive technique and deep musical ability soon enabled him to join some of the most demanding acts in the European continent: international artists such as Geri Halliwell, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Robert Fripp, Boyzone, Falco and Steve Hackett had Thomas driving the rhythm section, both on stage and in the studio.

Thomas released his first instructional DVD Ultimatives Schlagzeug I & II in 1995, re-released in 2004 in response to overwhelming demand. In light of this success, he released Creative Control, which remains as one of the best-selling instructional DVD's for drummers; followed in 2006 by Creative Coordination and Advanced Foot Technique.

Since Thomas Lang irrupted on the European scene in the mid-nineties, the boundaries of the playable have moved further. His thorough and consistent technique and perfected musicality make him an all-around player, capable of performing before hundreds of thousands in an international pop tour, recording a fusion record and teaching an advanced foot technique clinic–all with the same ease.

Read what Thomas has to say about technique acquisition, jamming and improvising, becoming a pro musician and much, much more. Read his exclusive interview.

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